Embedded BI

Add a Game-Changing Dimension to Your Product

Collecting data is easier than ever and most software applications today are doing it. The problem is, raw data cannot be made valuable without the means to analyze and visualize it - especially when it comes to providing your end users with a way to understand their data that resides in your software application. That’s why more and more organizations are embedding a BI software: to give end users a complete analytical platform for deep analysis and visualization of data.

What's Embedded BI?

Embedded analytics (or embedded BI) means adding features normally associated with BI software – such as dashboard reporting, data visualization, and analytics tools – to your existing application.

This can generally be achieved in two ways: In-house development, which is expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to maintain. Or, by purchasing and embedding an out-of-the-box software, like Sisense. Today, it’s widely accepted that startups simply don’t have monetary resources or required technical expertise to spend on developing an in-house analytics tool - and that’s why they are choosing to embed BI.

Why Embed BI Into Your Offering?

Startups that want to gain a competitive edge are integrating BI, analytics, and reporting into their own products to improve their product offering, drive ROI, and gain market momentum.

Aberdeen Group discovered that while 53% of service providers are embedding analytics to drive competitive advantage, the top service providers who did saw a 31% year over year increase in customer base. Other top benefits service providers are experiencing include improved user experience, new revenue streams, and increased average customer value.

A perfect use case is Profit Tools, a leading Trucking Management software, who uses Sisense embedded BI to analyze all of the data in the trucking life cycle of their customers in order to help calculate the profitability of routes. After embedding BI, the company saw an immediate increase in profits – returning a substantial ROI within just a few months, including an 80% increase in profitability in the fuel department. Read more user cases here.

Resources: Learn More With Our Embedded BI Whitepapers

When you embed Sisense in your software, you put the power of data in the hands of your users, with the most powerful technology in the market and a platform that’s easy to customize and integrate into your systems. Learn more about Sisense’s embedded analytics: